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Centa Svelte Slimming Jelly, RM 95.30

This was my first time to get to know this product where it comes in a form of collagen jelly that helps in slimming. Though I didn't obese, however, I have gained some weight especially during the period of examination where I endorse lots of snacks as my "energy supplement" for exam LOL

No doubt I love to eat but I'm lazy to do workout. Will force myself to do some light workout after this together with this Slender Jelly to see a better results of slimming.


The benefits you can gain by taking Centa Slender Jelly. "Reduce hunger pangs" grab my attention where controlling your hunger is no longer a difficult task. 

Doesn't know when should take this? There is a direction of usage beside the box with recommendation as well.

Acai Berry Jelly Flavor

 Each box consist of 20 sachets, it comes in a packaging that is superb convenient to carry.

Can you see the red cherish color of the jelly? It taste a bit sour and sweet but the taste is very smooth doesn't make you feel nausea as some slimming product do.

The brand had been awarded with Geneva Invention 2011 and also International Quality Standard. Where it is formulated by Swiss Bio-technologies International in Genva.

The back of the box also consist of the signs and dangers of obesity. In another word, one is obese if have any of these signs.

The nutritional facts and also what are the ingredients. For your information, Garcinia Cambogia is a type of citrus fruit, it is an extract from the fruit rind for weight loss.
One of the side effect is Diarrhea where I experience it myself on the first day, subsequent days I can only feel my digestive system is improved.

While the L-Carnitine helps to burn excess fats while baby citrus fruit increase metabolic rate and acai berry lowers cholesterol level and is high anti-oxidant fruit.

The expiry date is very easy to find, it is just below the bar code. 

Personal Opinion:
-It helps improve my digestive system.
-Control my hunger especially towards snacks.
-Reasonable price. 
-Can be easily purchase from drug store (Watsons & Guardian)

For More Information:
You May Purchase it here

Hope you guys enjoy reading! xoxo

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